Schock Metal Urbach

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Materials and finishes

Schock ball bearing slides are based on hot-dip galvanized steel. Some series are available in special stainless steels for particularly demanding operating conditions.

Schock ball bearing slides are finished with technically sophisticated and efficient surfaces to suit the respective application. These include:

  • Hot-dip galvanization (standard)
    Good corrosion protection for applications in closed rooms.

  • "Zinc Plus"
    Optimized zinc-based surface protection system.

  • Powder coating
    Additional surface finish to comply with color and decorative requirements, e.g. in the application area of domestic appliances. The installation space increases by about 0.008” compared to the standard.

  • Cataphoretic painting
    Special long-term corrosion protection, black; primarily used in the automotive sector.

  • Special finishes
FinishResistance time
Zincup to 48 hours
''Zinc Plus''up to 120 hours
Powder coating on zincup to 120 hours
Powder coating on "Zinc Plus"up to 200 hours
Cataphoretic paintingup to 400 hours
Zinc electroplating and blue passivation (thin layer)up to 48 hours
Zinc electroplating and black chromating / Cr(VI)-freeup to 150 hours
Zinc-iron coating and black chromating / Cr(VI)up to 200 hours

    Basis: ISO 9227 salt spray test (guidelines for red corrosion)