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Schock Metall Urbach

reinventing motion


Schock Metall – a young company with a long tradition

As a medium-sized business, we know where we come from and what sets us apart: We focus on quality, perfection, flexibility and individuality. At the same time, we see ourselves as a development partner for our customers. Our collaborative approach to designing new solutions is innovative and flexible. We are creative in our core competency areas, and continuous process improvement is the focus of our work.




The shareholders of the Schock Metall Group acquire the business operations, including the premises of KON-FORM Werkzeuge GmbH in Hatzfeld-Reddighausen, Germany. From that time, the company operates under KON-FORM Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

Reorganisation of the Schock Metall Group with 400 employees under the STK Holding GmbH. The core competencies of Schock Metallwerk GmbH include sales and development but also manufacturing technologies such as roll forming and stamping. The Latvian sister company FTS Baltic SIA serves as an efficient logistics, manufacturing and assembly site.

The AIR MOTION smooth-action sliding systems are awarded with the interzum Award "Best of the best".

Introduction of a new linear slide assembly for adjustable centre armrests in passenger cars.

Under the motto "reinventing motion", Schock sets new standards in sliding technology with the new AIR MOTION ball bearing slides, based on a special combination of material know-how and process expertise.

In the course of business expansion, Schock Metall starts supplying roll-formed special profiles to the automotive sector in addition to their ball bearing slides.

Schock launches its heavy-duty full extension slide "ITS 070", offering a ball bearing slide with a load capacity of up to 200 kg.

Introduction of "Soft Control", the world's first integrated damping system: The automatic self-closing mechanism with air-vacuum damper closes independently, quietly and smoothly.

As the world’s first, Schock supplies a stainless steel full extension slide for dishwashers featuring the fluidically optimised "CleanSlide" technology.

Global market activities are expanded with the installation of five centres of competence: Automotive, Appliances, Industry, Furniture and Office.

The Urbach site obtains ISO 14001 certification and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme validation. As such, Schock Metall is one of the first business operations in the region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany to implement an approved environmental management system.

Schock Metall positions itself as a system supplier with assembly competence in the field of office furniture: The "Pro-Line" filing frame system is based on a platform concept, and offers numerous practical functions as well as an interface to external locking systems.

Development of the first roll-formed stainless steel telescopic slide for use in ovens.

The series production of ball bearing slides for a storage compartment under the front passenger seat marks the company's first step in the automotive segment.

Following extensive quality and process auditing, Schock becomes a "Certified Supplier" to Xerox.

Development of "Auto-Catch", the integrated self-closing device.

Schock Metall is the world's very first company to use a start-stop operating procedure in roll forming technology for its large-series production.

Series production of a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated telescopic slide for use in refrigerators.

Schock introduces its "Topslide" partial extension and world’s first under-mount slide, setting new standards in the field of ball bearing slide profiles: Schock roll forming technology works with modified sheet thicknesses to create particularly compact profile cross-sections while ensuring high load capacities and extremely smooth running properties.

As the world’s first, Schock uses the principle of ball bearings in a complete sliding system for pantry cupboards.

Schock Metallwerk GmbH in Urbach becomes a legally independent entity.

The company develops and manufactures the first precision ball bearing slide for a kitchen drawer.

Schock opens a metalworking plant in Urbach focusing on drawer slides as well as decorative strips and metals.